I typically do not slow down enough to write or read for pleasure on a regular basis but one thing I do is capture life's moments through the lens of a camera. This isn't something I claim to be good at. In fact, photographer doesn't even come to mind when I think of who I am. What does come to mind is I'm the one with the camera journeying through life as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.


2.22.13 - Mickey D's Date

Derk had class so I braved a dinner date at Mickey D's with
all three kids.  They played for a good hour on the germ-house, 
I mean playhouse.  The boys weren't too happy when
I asked them to pause for a picture.  As for Lauren, well
she decided she was going to be a big girl and drink
from a straw...if only I let her do it by herself she would
have been so much happier!