I typically do not slow down enough to write or read for pleasure on a regular basis but one thing I do is capture life's moments through the lens of a camera. This isn't something I claim to be good at. In fact, photographer doesn't even come to mind when I think of who I am. What does come to mind is I'm the one with the camera journeying through life as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.


7.31.13 - Is Summer Wrapping UP?

I sure hope not!  BUT, when you're married
to a coach you start to see classroom prep
start about a month early...any guess on why?
You're right, football starts in a little
over a week.


7.30.13 - Ninja Towers

This kid has the best imagination!


7.29.13 - Evening At The Ballpark

Little league may be wrapped up for the season
but Jalen's coach decided to call and see who was
interested in having a little evening fun.


7.28.13 - Hi-Ho-Cherry-O

Ty's at the age where we can play games unmodified and
there is a chance that he'll win.  On a side note, notice the
sweatshirt Ty's wearing in July.  Where did this weather
come from....please come back summer!
I'm not ready for fall quit yet.


7.27.13 - Quick Snap the Picture

We were trying to get a picture of all three kids, looking
at the camera and smiling with both Grandma and
Grandpa...better luck next time.  
These were the best of the 5 snaps I got it in.


7.26.13 - Lauren's 1st Time Fishing

Lauren kept asking to fish and Derk kept telling her no.
I reminded him that he was fishing with the boys when they
were her age.  It didn't take long and the two of them were sitting 
at the end of the dock talking about fishing techniques.


7.24.13 - From Stoney Lake to Lake MI

There were a lot of "1st" on this vacation


7.23.13 - On To Ludington...

...for a little county fair action and House of Flavors.


7.22.13 - Silver Lake Adventure

This was every ones 1st time seeing the dunes.
What a sight and climb!

Then we headed over to Craig's Cruisers for some 
"live action". The boys were in their glory.  Tyler zip lined 
and Jalen was able to drive his own race car.


7.19.13 - We're Going to Miss...

...this pathway to fun!
Oh, the memories this house, pool and fire pit gave us!


7.18.13 - That's A Wrap Folks

First experience of Fair Haven VBS in the books!
Dare to be strong knowing that God is with you.
The adult volunteers were not only teaching this but
also likely telling themselves this as they managed 
these kids energy all week long.  God bless them!


7.17.13 - Not Just Visiting...

...they are taking up residence.
Check out their earlier visit here.


7.16.13 - Start Praying...

...for our sanity as this girl has taken over
this households world and man does 
she know how to work it.


7.15.13 - Loves Playing Games

I think it's more about getting all my attention since 
the little ones aren't old enough to "really" play. 


7.13.13 - Ba-By Q Take 2

Hudson decided we couldn't celebrate his
life without him.  


7.12.13 - Birthday Wish...

...all he wanted for his birthday were MI
football tickets.  They go on sale 7.17.13.
You'd better be ready.


7.10.13 - Not Just Pigtails...

...but we've got a ponytail now!


7.8.13 - Happy 4th Birthday Ty

Quote of the Day: "This is the best birthday ever!"


7.6.13 - Congrats Kaytie & Kyle

My youngest 1st cousin on my Dad's side of the family 
ties the knot...congrats Kaytie and Kyle!