I typically do not slow down enough to write or read for pleasure on a regular basis but one thing I do is capture life's moments through the lens of a camera. This isn't something I claim to be good at. In fact, photographer doesn't even come to mind when I think of who I am. What does come to mind is I'm the one with the camera journeying through life as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.


11.30.13 - Go Blue!

And learning about the Amish on our way to Indiana


11.25.13 - Babies Na-Night

Our closet tends to be the place where infants
sleep when they come to stay with us.
It's dark and quiet area.  Lauren has
picked up on it.  She called us over to see...
"babies na-night"


11.24.13 - Never A Dull Moment

Over the course of the last two years, this has been played 
with at LEAST once every other day by one
if not both boys.  This has definitely returned it's 
investment and then some!


11.23.13 - Santa Parada All Stars

When this parade was over the kids had tons of candy and 
their joy turned to tears quickly when they realized just
how cold it was.


11.20.13 - Lightens the Blow

Earned after an 1.5 hour drive home through traffic


11.19.13 - Who Stole The Breadstick?

Ty's quote of the night: "You broke one of the 4 commandments.  
Stealing is wrong.  You better tell Jesus you're sorry."


11.18.13 - Why Do Birds Swarm Together?

Driving across 131 on 96 I regularly see
birds dancing and swarming in the sky.  


11.17.13 - Ty's New Found Love

Teenage Ninja Turtles AND Puzzles


11.12.13 - Ty's Field Trip to AeroMed

He had the opportunity to sit in the pilot's seat
but wouldn't go near it.  He preferred to look on
from a distance.


11.7.13 - If I Miss My Flight...grrrrr!

Yes, I ran through the airport, I couldn't
imagine one more day away from my
family.  I made it just in time...I was 
the last one on the plane!


11.4.13 - Will You Play With Me?

Poor Tyler fights his way in for attention when he can.